Team Record (W-L-T): 9-8-0
The Blue Alliance stats


YAY! with a generous STEM grant from Utah we purchased a Zenbot CNC machine.  While we didn't have a lot of wooden parts this year we used it to make our electronics board as well as the "tombstones" that made up the ball pickup mechanism.  Students learned that the shortcut of using the "lazy CAM" software was no substitute for hand coding in gcode for the CNC.  One student is leaving a legacy for us too.  He is writing a program where we will just input our coordinates and cut depth per pass and it will generate the code for us.


Here's the router in action.


And here is a finished electronics board for the Andymark drive base complete with pre-drilled holes.


We bent a churro and several steel and aluminum tubes before we settled on a half inch thick solid bar of steel for the fulcrum.

Three days and three students later they've figured out the physics for catapulting the 2' game piece this year.  It worked out to about 550 Newtons of force at 0.8 feet from the fulcrum.