Team Record (W-L-T): 9-8-0
The Blue Alliance stats


Our season was a mixed one.  Where else can you you play an entire season's worth of matches in 3 days?!  FIRST is an excellent organization that brings out the best in students and mentors.

While we had a great robot that scored a lot of points we were on many alliances with unfinished robots.  This had the effect of dragging down our rank but luckily the top eight seed teams saw through this and brought us into an unusual alliance of two defenders and us as the scoring bot.  Much like the 2014 Superbowl, defense wins the game.  This strategy got us as far as the 3rd best alliance in the region which included knocking out the #3 seed alliance.  Thanks to the teams Haywire 1569 and Ammoknights 1566 for a great run this year.

Our quarterfinal match against the #3 seed in which we swept them 2-0 (best of 3)


The is the alliance selection process, Team 1569 Haywire brought us in as their first pick.

This is one of the matches right before the autonomous period starts.  Our robot drives forward and shoots into the goal that is lit up in the picture.

A practice of picking up the ball and launching it.  The catapult design is not our final version.


After we finished the catapult we wondered why it was shooting so high with not very much range.  It runs out the ball was rolling off the back edge thanks to footage from an iphoto slo-mo video.  So we just added an extension to the back of the basket and we were then shooting at about a 45º angle.


Autonomous practice with the revised catapult basket.

Because we hooked the "normally off" output of our two solenoids together if the pressure in the regulators is not the same they will bleed out the extra air.  Once we figured this out and re-calibrated the regulators so they were the same, no more air loss!  Next time we'll just plug up those solenoid "off" outputs.